AKOS was derived from my name: Anja Koster.

I would like to introduce myself to you, because I believe it is important to know who you are doing business with.

It took some roaming around (abroad) before I finally started AKOS Translation Services.  After finishing my pre-university education, I started my studies Facility Management. I spent the last year of my program in Pisa (Italy), and this is where I fell in love with translating.

The best thing about translating? You always learn something from it!

After receiving my Bachelor of Business Administration, I enrolled at the department of Translation and Interpreting of the Maastricht School of International Communication, which for me was the obvious thing to do. I spent four years studying Dutch, Spanish and English. I improved my language and translation skills not only in class, but also during an internship in Salamanca (Spain) and during internships at an external translation agency and the school’s in-house translation agency.

After graduating with honours, I started working as a project manager for a technical translation and documentation agency. However, I soon realised that I really missed being a translator and that was enough reason for me to start AKOS Translation Services. Now I am able to do what I like and what I do best: translating!